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EvilAngel is just one of the sites in “The Evil Empire” that has been put together by John Stagliano. He knows that everyone has a different taste in what they are turned on by, so he has put together a site that he hopes everyone can find something that turns them on. He has his own produced videos as well as others from other produces that he pulls into his site to make sure he has the best premium porn site online. He boasts that he sells his own videos as well as the others from other producers.

EvilAngel, being from John Stagliano, has been an award winning site fro way back in 1992 and as recent as 2016, being one of the best sites around. From “Best Site” to “Best Studio”, and so on, they didn’t win all of these awards by not knowing what he is doing here, but the best reward? The fact that we all keep coming back and staying as members, that is what makes him the happiest in all of this hard work. I guess we shouldn’t look at the fact that he, too, gets to play with all those sexy bodies as much as he likes to.

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